Veterinary Dentistry

Oral care for your pets must always begin with a visit to a veterinarian. For an introduction to oral hygiene for your pets, follow us here . But first, remember to only use toothpaste your veterinarian recommends. Do NOT use toothpastes designed for humans.

Veterinary Oral Hygiene

Veterinary Dentistry With Zoo Animals
During my fourth year of dental school I was fortunate enough to spend time volunteering at the Kansas City Zoo. Working with students of the UMKC Dental Hygiene program we provided dental care to the animals under the supervision of zoo veterinarians and veterinary technicians.
I would like to thank Professor Lori Holt and Dr. Kirk Suedmeyer and his team for the opportunity. I left Kansas City with hopes to continue providing dental care for animals in the future here in Hawaii.
Thanks to Barbara Thacker and Dr. Ben Okimoto and his staff at the Honolulu Zoo I have been blessed with the opportunity to continue my efforts in caring for animals. Every Tuesday Morning I will be volunteering at the Honolulu Zoo to do my part in helping the Honolulu Zoo Society.