Technology Tour

ADA: This is a video demonstrating our same day crown technology known as CADCAM. There is no Audio other than music with no lyrics in the video. The video shows our doctors digitally scanning a tooth from a patient's mouth onto a program on a laptop where the crown is custom made digitally. This data is then wirelessly sent to a milling unit where the new crown is shaped out of a purple block of porcelain known as emax or lithium disilicate. A heavy stream of water is used to avoid overheating so this process cannto be seen in the video. This purple crown is then custom stained and glazed with different colors to make it look more like a natural tooth. This is then placed in a oven for baking. Once baking is completed the porcelain changed from purple into a white tooth color.

Sprint Ray 3D Printer used to make nightguards and models of teeth to plan any needed treatment.

ADA: This is a photo of our Sprint Ray 3D printer that we use to make models of patient's teeth or nightguards. In the photo we also have our pressure machine used to make mouthguards, nightguards, retainers, and bleaching trays.

We use digital radiographs in our office which results in lower radiation, a better quality image, and less harm to the environment. This is out CBCT Panoramic x-ray machine. We use this machine to take 3D x-rays which allows us to better see, diagnose, and plan care for our patients. 3D x-rays show significantly more data than a standard flat x-ray. This machine can also take the standard bitewing x-rays outside of the mouth - without having to use the films that go in our mouth (although it results in a lower resolution digital image). We also use this machine to take a panoramic x-ray to help us evaluate wisdom teeth, jaw bones, jaw joint, and sinuses.

ADA: This is a photo of our 3D panoramic x-ray machine we use to take CBCT x-rays, panoramic x-rays, and other types of x-rays that don't require films being placed inside our mouth. We have a handicap chair available in the office to sit on for those who may need it while the machine is taking the x-ray.

X-Guide machine that syncs to our 3D x-ray machine to help guide the dentist in real time during dental implant placement.

ADA: This is a photo of our X-Guide machine. This machine syncs to our 3D x-ray machine. This then computer guides the dentist in real time during dental implant placement.

CADCAM technology used to make same day porcelain dental crowns.

ADA: This is a photo of our CADCAM technology used to make same day porcelain crowns. There is a milling machine and an oven that bakes the porcelain crown after it has been custom stained and glazed.

These are intraoral digital scanners used to scan teeth to make same day crowns, plan dental implant treatment, make nightguards with our 3D printers, or to do orthodontic aligner treatment.

ADA: This is a photo of two laptops wth out two digital scanners that are about the size of a large mechanical toothbrush.

One of our Radic8 Viruskiller UV/HEPA tower. We also use Medify Air HEPA H13 air purifiers in every room, Monofoil D nanotechnology disbursed via ionizer to treat all surfaces, and GPS Ionizers in all our HVAC units.

ADA: This is a photo of our Radic8 Viruskiller machine that uses UV and HEPA technology to clean the air. It is about 5 feet tall.

  • We also use intraoral cameras to help communicate dental care needs with our patients.
  • Patient records and x-rays are all digitized (no paper charts).