New Software

Aloha! We'd like to share our newest adventure for the APCDC community - On February 14th, 2022 we will be progressing to a new software program for our dental office. There will be many growing pains, but we are excited for the experience this new software will offer.

Dental software serves as our schedule, patient communication, dental chart, document storage, it generates and processes insurance claims, processes credit card does a lot. It will take us time to become comfortable and efficient with our new software. We sincerely apologize for the challenges we must work through and the inconveniences they will cause.

We are excited for the efficiency, technology, and interactive experience our new cloud software will offer. Example features are:

  • Phone and two-way text will be integrated, harmonizing our current three separate software into one.
  • Forms will be in one software instead of our current transferring between two different ones, and forms can be accessed via Kiosk, text, or the patient portal.
  • Past and upcoming appointments, previous and recommended dental treatment, and online payments will also be available via the patient portal.
  • Direct to pharmacy prescriptions.
  • Enhanced security: We will maintain our two IT companies to help us protect your data, which will now be off-site on redundant servers secured by Microsoft. User profiles and time lock settings offer additional security.

For our team, the software will provide a well supported and customizable platform that will allow us to provide a more caring experience for both each other and our patients. It will really help us to have one core place to find what we need, rather than jumping and transferring data between multiple software.

We’ve asked a lot from our patients over the past couple years with COVID and construction. Since our brains will now be under construction, we must really really thank you for your patience and understanding!

Why The Change?

In 2013, we transitioned from a paper chart dental office to a completely digital one. The software we changed to in 2013 works well and is very popular in the dental community. However, progress and care are very important to us, and unfortunately this software and its support team didn't quite fulfill our expectations of these values. In a world that is changing very quickly, we needed a software backed by a team with the drive and capability to consistently reimagine their product and pivot quickly by listening to their users and integrating new technology. We found this in a software called Carestack and we are excited to work with their team and their product. In just the two months we've been training, they've already rolled out new features!