Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

For at home whitening , Crest White Strips may be enough for your teeth if a couple shades lighter is your goal. As an alternative, we can make custom Bleaching trays made to fit only your teeth. A whitening gel is placed into the trays which are worn at home. For teeth with root canal treatment that have been discolored from the inside of the tooth, the walking bleach method may be your best alternative. See your dentist for more information.

Venee rs , Crowns

From Bonding to Crowns and Bridges , "prepped" to "no-prep" Veneers , see your dentist to determine what would be best for you. Your dentist will evaluate your occlusion and type of staining or discoloration, among other things like Old and Unsightly Fillings , or . Chipped, Cracked, and Worn Teeth .


A simple cleaning may be all that's needed to start with: