March 29, 2020
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Xylitol is a sugar substitute, similar to sorbitol. These ingredients are much healthier options than the usual sugar additives table sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, or fruit juice concentrates, just to name a few. Xylitol is derived from plants and tastes similar to regular sugar, but it has 40% less calories and a low glycemic index (7 vs 85-100 for regular sugar). 

With most sugar additives, the bacteria on our teeth convert them to acid. This acid causes tooth decay. More sugar = more food for the bacteria = more bacteria = more acid = more tooth decay = infection causing tooth sensitivity or pain, more time spent at the dental office, and more money spent on dental care. Xylitol can break this pattern. The bacteria can't convert xylitol to acid. They can't digest it period. It's like they get food poisoning and this discomfort causes them to detach from our teeth. Bottom line: Xylitol helps protect our teeth by reducing the amount of bacteria living on it. 

We recommend 5-10 grams (g) of xylitol total per day, eaten 3-4x per day to properly reduce the bacteria. Most mints including the Epic brand we have available in our office have 0.5g per piece. The Spry gum available on Amazon has 0.7g per piece, while the Epic gum we offer has 1.06g per piece. Many other gum brands now include xylitol but we don't know how much xylitol is in each piece. Most of the Dr. John's candies and chocolates have 1g per piece. If you use granular xylitol sweetener for cooking or baking, 1 tsp = 4g of xylitol. 

Please limit to no more than 20g total per day to avoid stomach problems and diarrhea. Also, KEEP AWAY FROM DOGS as it is very poisonous for them. 

Let's fight tooth decay by complimenting your dental care with xylitol!

We offer the Epic brand gums and mints in our office. It is an all natural product with a good dose of xylitol per piece. With Epic's help, we are able to price it below Epic or Spry brand products on Amazon even if you have Amazon Prime free shipping and the Amazon Prime 5% back credit card. Note: If you have Amazon Prime, the Amazon Prime 5% cash back card, and subscribe and save to 5 or more products on Amazon, then it may be better to purchase from Amazon. Please let us know if you would like us to order larger quantities for you (such as the 500 or 1000 piece bags). 

Dr. John's offers amazingly tasty sweet snacks made with xylitol. No guilty feelings eating these!

Try adding Xylitol when cooking, such as in smoothies. Dr. Blake also adds cacao powder (antioxidants and taste) and chia seeds (calcium, proteins) to his smoothies.