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Light up Toothbrush for kids!

Firefly's LightUp Timer Toothbrush!

The FireFly light up timer kids toothbrush lights up and flashes for 2 minutes, the dentist recommended time for kids (and adults) to brush thoroughly. Check out THIS VIDEO KIDS!

Find these at Target, Walmart, or Walgreens for around $4. Visit

Just released yesterday was FireFly's new Ready Go brushes that light up red, yellow, and green as the two minute mark is reached while brushing!

From DentistryIQ:


BUENA PARK, California--The “rush hour” of children in brushing their teeth is about to be a thing of the past, courtesy ofDr. Fresh.

Dr. Fresh has introduced the new FireFly Ready Go Brush. The toothbrush is a motivational tool that “times” kids to make sure they brush the dentist-recommended 60 seconds per arch. It has a flashing light that changes from green for “go” to yellow for “halfway there” to red for “finished.”

As a bonus, the brush has a suction cup holder that allows it to be stored upright and hygienically so that it does not collide with other toothbrushes or germs on the bathroom counter.

The toothbrush is a colorful presence at the sink, as well as a teaching tool that helps kids develop a healthy routine. 

Fledgling brushers are greeted by the colorful green-yellow-red flashing “stoplight” motif, which is activated at the touch of a button. There is a reduction in counter clutter offered by the suction cup handle.

The brush features sof Dupont Tynex bristles that are effective, yet gentle, on delicate young gums, and a child-friendly ergonomic design. Kids can choose among Barbie, Angry Birds, Marvel’s SpiderMan or FireFly Ready Go toothbrushes.

“Any parent knows kids hate to brush, and that, often they don’t,” said Geoff Carroll, chief marketing officer at Dr. Fresh. 

"By combining a mesmerizing and educational ‘stop light’ mechanism with the biggest names in kids’ entertainment, the Ready Go Brush makes brushing fun and helps children build routine."