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We sure miss social events, football games, and especially Disneyland, Vegas & Japan! We hope you and your families have found creative ways to discover joy while maintaining safety as well. In consideration for the Delta variant, we have created a Tiered safety system for our office. We are currently in Tier 1:

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ADA Accessible version of COVID Tier 1 Protocol here

UV sterilization seems to be a reliable method for protecting against pathogens such as COVID, so we looked into UV technology to help treat the air in our office. The challenge was finding a product that allows enough UV-microbe contact time to predictably inactivate microbes. 


This is a product designed to clean and purify air similar to other HEPA/UV air purifiers. However, we were excited by the vertical construction of the unit with 8 stacks of 2 UV lights each with tray construction between the UV lights designed to disturb and slow the pattern of airflow. The other units we evaluated didn't have a UV chamber we felt would allow enough UV-microbe contact time as the Radic8 technology. 

We have not received these units yet but we look forward to receiving them at about the same time construction on our office is complete in mid-October.

If you are searching for similar tech, we were also considering the Surgically Clean Air Cascade White unit but there are more logistical challenges with this unit. 

COVID can spread via aerosols and many dental procedures create aerosols. Existing techniques such as our high speed suction, mirror suction tips, rubber dam and Isolite technology dramatically reduce the escape of aerosols, but we also added extraoral suction units for high risk procedures. 

Extraoral Suction Unit

While our existing techniques focus on suctioning in the mouth, these new suction units capture aerosols by serving as a suction unit outside the mouth. We spray disinfectant inside and let it run after each use as directed by the vendor. These units do not have a history of usage in dentistry and it is unclear what happens long term with the moisture being vacuumed into the units.  Without data from long-term usage or independent studies on these types of units, we primarily rely on our existing techniques to control aerosols during dental procedures, but do use these units as needed. The safest strategy is a good COVID screening process and reducing microbes prior to dental procedures by using hydrogen peroxide pre-rinses. 

Our friends at American Carpet One have been working hard to provide the families of Hawaii with products and technology to protect against COVID. They set us up with First Defense disinfectant to help kill coronavirus on our surfaces such as floors, walls, desks and counters. This helps us reduce our consumption of medical wipes that healthcare facilities desperately need. We use medical wipes in all clinical areas but use First Defense in other areas, primarily on our flooring.


We hope you and your families are well. In continuing our blog on our COVID defense products, we'd like to share what we use to fog our surfaces. We considered a hydrogen peroxide based solution due to its ease and effectiveness but we were unsure about its effects on our technology equipment such as ipads, computers, and in particular our 3D tech: x-rays, scanners, printer, implant guide etc. Since Apple recommends not using peroxide cleaners on their technology we decided to look at another alternative. We also wanted something that would have lasting protective capabilities.

Monofoil Electrostatic Barrier

This is a solution that we apply via an electrostatic sprayer to coat surfaces throughout our office with a barrier that inactivates microbes that come into contact with it. The nano-particles that form this barrier creates a surface that microbes cannot survive on. It's a barrier of spikes that inactivates microbes by using charged particles to disrupt the surfaces of microbes. This barrier lasts between 30-90 days depending on the material the barrier is on. 

This company has a much better explanation of how the product works.

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