Patient Portal

We would like to contribute our part in protecting the environment by evolving into a paperless practice. Let's keep Hawaii's natural beauty healthy and everlasting by reducing paper wastes! We ask for your kokua in making this goal possible. You may print out our old forms if you find it more convenient at our New Patients page. Otherwise, our forms are available to complete online (or in our office very soon). Forms must be completed (electronically signed) in our office.

*Note: Our apologies, but flash is required to complete these forms.*

New Patients:

We are temporarily accepting new patients by referral only.

NEW PATIENT (ADULT) QUESTIONNAIRES Click on this link or button to fill out patient forms online. If sight impaired you may instead fill out forms in our office where a team member can assist you




Existing Patients:

EXISTING PATIENT LOGIN Click on this link or button to create a new online account or to login to an existing account to see limited account information if you have a sight impairment please call our office at 808-488-1988 with questions regarding your account and our team members can help you with any information

Our progression towards an improved dental experience for our patients takes a digital step. Patients now can access limited information such as future appointments, a brief account balance summary and treatment plans. Patients may also update or fill out our new digital forms, but only the day before their appointment. We are working to extend this window. Patients must request access in the link above. Our internet consent form must be accepted first. A username and password is required to access your account and must be kept confidential.

Stay tuned in our News and Updates page as we are undergoing many changes to achieve a smoother more efficient and in touch patient experience.

ADA Accessibility Statement

ADA: This page has links on it for new patient to click on to fill out forms online. If sight impaired or unable to fill out forms online for any reason, you may complete your forms in our office with assistance from one of our team members. This page also has links on it for existing patients to click on to login to their accounts to access limited account information. If a vision or other disability causes any difficulty creating an account or logging in or navigating your account information, please call us at 808-488-1988 with any inquiries regarding your account and our team members will help with any questions.