Healthy Eats For Kids
August 13, 2013
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GEHA Health e-News: Helping kids make healthy choices food choices in 5 easy steps:

1) Let them learn by serving themselves

They will learn about making decisions - what to eat, how much to take. They will learn about sharing, taking turns, being responsible for their decisions. Be patient and encourage them, help them hold their (small) bowls or plates while they serve their food.

2) Help your child learn to love a variety of foods

Offer them a small serving of fruits and veges to taste repeatedly and prepared in a variety of ways. Serving with familiar foods and seeing friends, older kids, and grown-ups eating these foods helps as well. Again, be patient.

3) Make meals and memories together. It's a lesson they'll use for life!

Kids like to try foods they helped to make, so give them a small job: mixing, measuring, peeling, spreading, shaking, opening.

4) Enjoy each other while enjoying family meals

Make meal time relaxing, nourishing, and stress-free. Talk about fun and happy topics, and encourage during meal time. Don't lecture or bring negativity to the table.

5) Listen to them when they say they are full


Check out the article from GEHA for more details.