Construction Info
June 13, 2020
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We will be starting construction in the adjacent space soon. In November 2019 we started negotiations to expand into Unit 301 next door to our office. We knew one of our biggest service problems was that we couldn't schedule patients for cleanings in a timely manner. If someone had to reschedule, we weren't able to secure an appointment for them for up to 6 months. If someone called and they were overdue for 6 months, it would be months before we could accommodate them. This is no way to treat patients. We had already expanded hours to two evenings and we didn't want to strain more time away from our families. We felt more space was the only way to allow us more flexibility and freedom to provide the care our patients deserved, as well as provide work hours and a work environment that was in the best interest of our team members. We had reached out to our neighbors in 2016 regarding their space and have been looking for commercial property since then. Over 3 years later the opportunity presented and we took it. 

We signed our architect's contract in mid-January and the final lease amendments in February 1, then COVID hit us in March. Since we had already signed the lease and arrangements in November 2019 were completed contingent upon us securing unit 301, we had to proceed with our project. As of the first week of June, a third party expeditor still has our plans and a Board of Water supply backflow valve for our building’s main water line is holding us up from proceeding to final permitting. Then, we don't know how long the permit will take once plans are submitted to the City and County. We would appreciate any help! Our contractor is ready to start and through courtesy inspection we hope to initiate construction in early-mid June.

It would have been ideal for construction to start during the first 8 weeks of COVID. Unfortunately that was not the case so this means at some point over the next 1-4 months we will have to close our office and reschedule appointments again. We sincerely apologize for 2020! However, we are excited for a new setting to offer a better service experience for our patients and team members.