Before & After Photos

Our collection of before and after photos continues to grow. Featured here are photos taken from both our digital cameras as well as our intraoral cameras. Sorry, no fancy studio photos. 

The majority of these photos will be intraoral taken during the clinical appointment. Please be aware red/blue markings may be on teeth to check bites, small ribbons placed to keep the gums away, red/bleeding gums from doing dental work under the gums, turqoise rubber to keep the tooth isolated, cotton, plaque, food particles, etc.

This is a before photo of a patient with severe staining from an antibiotic called tetracycline     this is an after photo due to the deep discoloration we could not bleach and we had to place porcelain crowns and veneers

Tetracycline staining and wear, porcelain crowns


a before photo of old white fillingsan after photo of new white fillings that blend in with the tooth much better

Decay under old tooth colored fillings removed, new tooth colored fillings placed (that bump is a salivary gland next to a cotton tip applicator. Red markings to check bite before starting to help design the filling).

Before photo of a front tooth with a gold crown that needed to be removedafter photo of temporary replacement of the gold tooth that was taken out with a white tooth

before photo of a large space between the two front teeth after photo of the large space gone and filled in with white filling material

 Before photo of two front teeth broken down to the gumsafter photo of the teeth completely rebuilt using fiber posts and white filling material and custom stainingafter photo of the teeth completely rebuilt using fiber posts and white filling material and custom staining

Patients presented with broken/loose teeth. Same day temporary teeth rebuilt using tooth colored filling materials/stains (supported by fiber posts and/or bands). 

before photo of very common gumline recession where the dark tooth roots show before photo of dark tooth root showing due to gum recessionafter photo of the dark tooth root now covered with a white filling

Very common lesions along the gumlines (from acids, brushing too hard, clenching/grinding). Replaced with a tooth colored filling.

before photo of a large silver fillingafter photo of a white porcelain crown that replaced the large silver filling

All white (porcelain) crown replacing an old silver filling/crack in the tooth.

before photo of a very broken down tooth due to decayafter photo of the tooth rebuilt with white filling material

Sorry, no good before picture; during and after, tooth colored filling.

before photo of a very broken down tooth due to decay and fracture with half the tooth goneafter photo of the tooth completely rebuilt using white filling material

Large cavity in the front, back, and tongue side of the tooth with puffy gums. Soft tissue laser used, gums protected with rope-like string, white filling placed. 

xray of teeth with decayafter photo of the decay filled with white fillings

Sorry, no before picture. Lower tooth in the middle (first molar, tooth #30) had an old white filling that was leaking and a cavity in the tooth (dark spot on the right side or front of the tooth). Replaced with another tooth colored filling.

before photo of a small space between two front teethafter photo of the small space filled in with white colored fillings

Spaces between the teeth are called diastemas and they can be closed with white fillings. Braces straightened the teeth first, but due to the shape of that front tooth we had to place a filling to close the space and complete the case.


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